About Us

More than two decades ago, Ricky Smith, a passionate deer
hunter and wildlife biologist, founded Buck Busters Seed Company. Alongside his
wife, Wanda, they operated a garden center that catered to local homeowners and
gardeners, offering an array of seeds and plants. Ricky's reputation as an
expert on fall food plots attracted many people seeking advice on what to plant
or purchase. With most of the desired seeds readily available, he would sell
them a few pounds of each product. Encouraged by the demand, Ricky saw the
potential to produce and market his blend to a wider audience.

To ensure the quality and adaptability of his blend, Ricky
sought the expertise of Dr. Don Reed, a wildlife biologist at LSU Ag. They
conducted studies on various seed varieties, identifying those capable of
withstanding heavy grazing pressure and thriving in diverse environmental
conditions. Armed with this knowledge, Ricky embarked on the journey of selling
his product to local stores.

From humble beginnings with only 5-10 stores carrying their
mix, Buck Busters has grown significantly, now being available in over 150
stores across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and
Texas. In response to customer demand, they launched an online store in 2022,
reaching out to those who couldn't find a nearby retail location.

Buck Busters offers deer and turkey hunters two fall seed
mixes, both rich in protein, phosphorus, and calcium. Packaged in practical 50
lb. bags that cover one acre, their bags prioritize practicality over flashy
designs. They use breathable bags, recognizing that seeds are living organisms
requiring proper aeration for high germination rates. To aid customers, they
provide planting recommendations on the back of each bag, ensuring a smooth and
successful planting process.  This was
done to reduce over/under seeding and fertilizing, which will provide each customer
with more bang for their Buck.

The two mixes, Basic Fall Seed Mix and Premium Fall Seed
Mix, share similar starting ingredients and are meant for fall planting. The
product includes cereal grains such as wheat, Elbon Rye, and Triticale, along
with forage winter peas that can endure heavy grazing pressure. Additionally,
three forage rapes, known for their resilience, are included in both mixes,
along with Dixie Crimson Clover.

The Premium Fall Seed Mix, while sharing the same base
ingredients, incorporates two additional components, Chicory and Arrowleaf
Clover. These extras not only thrive during fall and winter but also sustain
forage growth during spring and summer months. The remarkable aspect of the
Premium Fall Seed Mix is its once-a-year planting requirement, lasting for an
entire year, and eliminating the need for additional spring or summer food

Ricky Smith