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Premium Seed Mix

Premium Seed Mix

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The Premium Seed mix adds perennials such as chicory and Arrowleaf clover which produces 12 months of forage production for deer and habitat for turkeys and upland game birds, such as pheasants and quail.
This mix contains wheat, oats, Elbon Rye, a forage winterpea, 3 forage rapes, Dixie Crimson clover, Arrowleaf clover and chicory. 
One 50 pound bag will cover one acre. 
Must be replanted each fall season.


Chicory & Arrowleaf Clover

Three Species of Cereal Grains: Wheat, Elbon Rye (Not Ryegrass) and Triticale

Dixie Crimson Clover: A quick growing variety that produces from late fall through spring and is a good reseeding variety. This is the best producing clover for the winter months.

One Species of Winter Peas: A fast growing, early producing variety for fall, winter and spring production.

Three Species of Brassica (Rape): High quality forage varieties with different maturing dates for a longer growing period. (We do not use Dwarf Essex Rape in our mixes.)

Planting rate

50 lbs 1 bag plants 1 acre

25 lbs 1 bag plants 1/2 acre

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